01-11-2013 - 15-07-2014

Preparing for the entry exams as well as for admission in a prestigious art academy can be a challenging as well as a really wonderful and rewarding experience for the new artist. A portfolio that is properly organized as well as carefully prepared in terms of both artistic quality and depth, is probably the most crucial factor for ensuring admission in one of the major art academies not only in the Netherlands but in most respectful art academies worldwide. Some of these Academies include, but not restricted at, Rijks Academy in Amsterdam , KABK in Den Haag , Willem De Kooning Academy , Gerrit Rietveld  Academy ,Utrecht School of the Arts etc . Some example of art academies outside the Netherlands are Pratt academy in New York  , RISD in Rhode Island , The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Cal Arts in Valencia (USA) , Athens School of Fine Arts in Greece , Royal Academy in London and many more.Most of these academies demand a very strong portfolio for succeeding the entrance.




The proper tutoring and careful development of the new artist lie at the very heart and constitute the main purpose and objective of the series of workshops and classes that will be offered to students of art either privately on a one-on-one basis or in very small groups comprising of 2-3 persons max.The workshops and the classes will be held in a private art studio located close to the Hague's centre (De Constant Rebecqueplein) and will be taught and supervised by an experienced professional artist(painter - composer)


-Assistance  with the  portfolio development for bachelor and master applications for all the art schools .


-Assistance with the portfolio development and work of already enrolled students in academies 


-Assistance and help on the portfolio documentation of professional artists 



- Lessons in your own place/ atelier is possible if not very far away from Den Haag (Delft ,Rotterdam , Amsterdam etc are possible)


The curriculum, schedule and time-tables can be fairly flexible depending on each student needs. 


The classes will be delivered in the English language.


Some indicative subjects that will be covered in the classes( according to the students direction ) :


- Drawing ( Still Life , Landscape , Figure Drawing ) with pencils , charcoal , ink , acrylic etc

- oil painting ( Still Life , Figure , Landscape , Abstract etc )

- Acrylics 

- Abstract art (Action Painting , Color Field Painting , Suprematism , Symbolic Abstract etc )

- Sound Art ( Installations , Sound Programming etc )

- Visits and Lessons in museums .

- Printmaking 

- Details of portfolio making like format , documentation , choice of paper, organization etc 

- Exercises that aim at the development of artistic consciousness ( The art of viewing , hearing etc )

- Discussions and Evaluations in different stages of the development of the student

- Art Installations , Sculpture 

- Collage



The fees for attending any of the classes will be very competitive and reasonable. The fee table is available upon request.


Ages : >15 years old

contact : info(at)mariaaristotelous(dot)com