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Cheapart offers the opportunity to more artists to produce without pressure new pieces of work, and to experiment in an environment friendly toward art production. At the same time, cheapart creates, for the first time, a new market, where new art lovers are given the opportunity to be initiated into the art market, and become interested in art. The forte of the market has been significantly increasing in the last 15 years, generating a calculated force with a resilient foundation and a knowledge which systematically supports the arts. The market and its public is experienced enough to deal with simple as well as challenging conditions.

On behalf of the artist, s/he can tryout new pieces and ideas, and define afresh her/his audience, coming into direct contact with it, rather than through agents. On the other hand, conversations between artists, an exchange of ideas, and projects, help in keeping alive an effective environment. Most important is learning to collaborate and to create an artistic society based on mutual respect and trust.

There is a triangular relationship between ARTWORK-ARTIST-AUDIENCE. This chain does not work if one of the links snaps. There are no artworks without the artists, and no artists without an audience. One can chose the existing art audience, but one may also locate a new audience which expects to reach art, and buy art. Once a year, cheapart offers the opportunity – through the low and telling costs of the artworks – to an audience to actually get to meet artists, and to buy art instead of just talking about it. After Vienna and Athens, 140 artists selected from Cyprus and Greece will participate through segments of small scale artworks. Tassos Stylianou, George Georgagopoulos, and Demetris Georgagopoulos are the co-curators of these exhibitions. The aim is to create the conditions to assemble artists, curators, art theorists, and the public, bringing about intercultural dialogue, an understanding of artwork, and, an instigation and familiarization of the public to contemporary art. 

Cheapart 2013, Limassol is co-curated by George Georgagopoulos and Demetris Georgagopoulos (CHEAPART), and, Tassos Stylianou (Penindaplinena Gallery). 150 international artists participate.



49 Ellados street
Limassol , Cyprus


PENINDAPLINENA Contemporary Art Gallery

Cheapart Cultural Organisation. 

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06-10-2012 - 14-10-2012

Cheapart / Loods6 / 6-14.10.2012

Loods 6
KNSM laan 143
1019 LB Amsterdam



CHEAPART Amsterdam 1
Loods6 / 6-14.10.2012

Opening: Saturday October 6, 16.00


CHEAPART is a contemporary art exhibition and a unique market model.

CHEAPART is an art market for the wide public, art lovers, collectors, art related professionals.

- A global meeting place for the art world, potential buyers and international networks.

CHEAPART’S European network [1995-2012] extends to
Amsterdam /Athens/ Vienna/ Limassol/ Thessaloniki

On October 6 CHEAPART will embrace the 5th major city of its European network. 
For one week, more than 200 selected artists from all over Europe will have the chance to meet one another, exchange ideas and present their work to the public. 
CHEAPART is a unique art market model in which more than 2500 works will be sold directly by the artists to the public at the single price of 80 euro. The profit from the works sold go directly to the artist. 
CHEAPART is a growing network of art lovers, collectors, art-related professionals and the wider public, meeting place for the art world. 
CHEAPART Amsterdam 1 is organized by Art4Elkaar Foundation and CHEAPART Foundation. The exhibition will take place at Loods6 from October 6 – 14, 2012.

The CHEAPART Model 1995 - 2012

CHEAPART has established a network of contemporary art exhibitions within Europe - Amsterdam /Athens/ Vienna/ Limassol/ Thessaloniki, with work selling at a low price. Since 1995 CHEAPART has reached out to thousands of art lovers and has created a direct bond among artists and the public. 
CHEAPART is a cultural economic and social platform with multiple benefits. 

Artists percieve CHEAPART as a communication platform to introduce new concepts and develop social connections and future partnerships. Buyers in return, gain ownership of original art works at a low fixed price that artists may sell on high prices outside the context of the exhibition. The direct contact that developes amoung the public and the artist increases the level of understanding of contemporary art. CHEAPART Amsterdam 1 introduces an updated market model, an open cultural dialogue for everyone to be part of.

Visit CHEAPART Amsterdam at Loods6 from October 6-14 

 >> CHEAPART website <<

02-03-2012 - 24-03-2012

Opening: Friday March 2, 2012, 20:00
Limassol, Cyprus

The international network of cheapart exhibitions is opening for its second edition in Limassol in Cyprus. Cheapart exhibitions expand the visibility of contemporary art through the lowselling price of the work. In so, it is feasible for both art lovers and the general public to buy an original work of art. For more than 17 years cheapart has reached out to thousands of art lovers and has established a direct bond among artists and the public. Artists have the opportunity to experiment with their ideas and market their work, while the public is indulged in the creative process as an active part of evolution of the show.

The cheapart 2 Limassol exhibition is curated by PENINDAPLINENA Gallery. 150 artists  participate from Cyprus and Greece.

press here for photos of the exhibition


Participating artists: Agapitos Agaitakis,George Aggelakis, Stephanos Alafouzos, Anna Zafeiri Andreou, Antypa Ranai/Christou Akis, Yiota Apostolopoulou, Iphigeneia Apostolopoulou, Maria Aristotelous, Stella Auxendiou, Maro Vagiati, Polyxeni Vakou, Andreas Vousouras, Maria Vyrra, Yiannis Gavalas, George Georgiadis, Ivi Yianni, Thomas Giatras, Eirini Dapoulaki, Domna Delliou, Popi Dimitriou, Dialysma Natasa / Takis Tsapantaris, Andry Drousiotou, Martha Ealisabeth, Michalis Iliou, Philipos Theodoridis, Dia Theodorou, Georgos Kanellos, Christina Kaplani, Christina Karagianni, Ioanna Kemane, Natalia-Aikaterini Kekyra, Anne Κern, Nikos Kokkalis, Alexandros Kolokythas, Evi Korai, Constandinos Kougialis, Orestis Kourakis, Giannis Koutroulis, Dimitris Kritsotakis Afroditi Krondiri, Heike Kummer, Maria Kyriakidou, Elpida Kyriakou, Evdokia Kyrkou, Grigoris Lagos, Lorna Ladomatou, Savvas Lazarou, Anastasios Lambropoulos, Semina Lantavou, Uli Lekkas, Kynthia Livaniou, Georgos Lyntzeris, Alexandros Magkaniotis, Georgos Makris, Stefanie Maliotou, Dorina Malliou, Anna Maneta, Vily Manolakou, Antigoni Manolidou, Magda Mara, Erietta Markandonatou, Eva Mavridou, Dimosthenis Michail, Achilleas Michailidis, Paraskevi Moustaka, Eleni Baleka, Giannis Nomikos, Lyda Xydia, Maria Xynopoulou, Danah Orfanoudaki, Fanny Pandazidou, Helen Papa, Panagiotis Papadopoulos, Eleni Papadopoulou, Christianna Papamali, Christina Parakenda, Maria Paxipi, Katerina Pirounidou, Diamando Perdikea, Leftheris Plakidas, Panagiotis Ploumis, Constandinos Ptoxopoulos, Nikos Rakkas, Wilson Raymond, Aris Roupinas, Katia Savvidou, Christiana Solomou, Melani Spathia, Anetta Spanoudaki, Lyda Sperelaki, Varvara Spyrouli, Nikos Stavropoulos, George Stavrou, Thanos Stokas, Victoria Shabanova, Sicilia Shine, Rebecca Taki, Chara Taliadorou, Marianna Tsaggarou, Mantha Tsialou, Martha Tsiara, Anastasia Tymbiou, Kate Theodosiou, Bridget Fahy, Sotiris Foraris, Eleni Foulia, Athina Frenaritou, Sonia Hatzivasili, Magia Hatzigeorgiou, Zoe Hatzhgianni, Maria Hatzimourati, Gogo Christofaki, Γωγ Χρυσοφκη, Irene Horpestad, Yolanda Sanchez Vavik, Christoforos Christou, Christina Christofi, Andry Christofidi, Nikos Christoforakis.


t.: 0035 99522977, MON.-FRI. 11:00-13:00 16:00-20:00 SAT. 11:00-14:00,

01-12-2011 - 23-12-2011


 cheapart will be open for the public on thursday december 1st 

 on a joint openning at the galleries cheapart, camp and



 opening : december 1st ,21:00 am

 duration: 1-23 december 2011


 Olympia Toptsidou, t: (+30) 210 3817517, 15:00-21:00

 25 A. Metaxa 25, Exarheia 106 81 Athens
 Monday - Sunday 14:00 - 21:00
 t/f: (+30) 210 3817517

 CAMP Contemporary Art Meeting Point
 4 Efpolidos & 2 Apellou str., Kotzia Square, Athens 105 51Athens
 Monday - Sunday 14:00 - 21:00
 t: (+30) 210 3247679, (+30) 6944219474
 e:, w:
 20 Aristofanous St. , 4th floor 105 54 Athens
 Monday - Friday 14:00 - 20:00 Saturday 12:00 - 16:00 
 t: (+30) 210 3214994 f: (+30) 210 3214263
 e:, w: 


06-06-2011 - 25-06-2011


opening :

monday 6th  june 21:00

"κτιριο κοιτώνων // πρωην στρατοπεδο κοδρα "


opening hours :

monday- sunday 18:00-23:00

t: +302310481006



-> photos from the exhibition

 (via cheaparts facebook page )

03-03-2011 - 25-03-2011





-> info and photos from exhibition

(via 50πλην1 gallery facebook page )