free solo improvisation in DUWO Den Haag




note:avoid computer speakers for a better preview...

dur: 10:16min

060612 Duwo_Concert .mp3
Untitled (2012) / semi imrovisation / institute of sonology

Improvisors :

Maria Aristotelous 
Richard Barrett
Kathrin Grenzdorffer
Younes Riad
Ekkehard Windrich

This piece is evolving around 2 graphic scores , 5 players and a Drone .The Drone as the continuity of time...
The Collective memory, when and where events may or may not happen.The Events are spontaneously and
individually activated but are also being driven by the impact of the Collective Drone.THIS IS A DREAM...

The drawings/graphic scores used through the whole process were :





this mix is actually a mono file .