Born in Limassol Cyprus in 1976 Works and lives in Athens GR



1995-2005 Medicine ,National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

2005-2010 Painting ,Athens School of Fine Arts

2011-2013 Master Of Music In Sonology( Specialization Instruments & Interfaces),Royal Conservatoire The Hague NL

2013-2014 Composition(lessons with yannis kyriakides) , Royal Conservatoire The Hague NL 

2015-today Lectures in the Centre of Psychoanalytical Research Athens GR 

2017 Internship in Medicine 

2017-today Psychiatry Residency in Aiginiteio Hospital in Athens GR 



  It is about the META-performance , the connection of Jungian Thought and music through the research of the ambiguous dynamic connections between graphical notations ,musical graphics , abstract art and what Aristotelous is researching as the interface score , the score or the part of a score that creates the conditions for a meta-action that will lead to a META-performance( Thesis title :MetaNotations , Interfacing the Meta Performance )

For her master studies she took lectures amongst others with Kees Tazelaar, Richard Barrett,Edwin van der Heide, Johan van Kreij,Yannis Kyriakedis, Joel Ryan, Kristina Andersen, , Lex Van Der Broek etc


GENERAL RESEARCH (to be updated soon )

The general scheme of the inbetween connections of  psychoanalysis , art and sound . Also research on the dynamical movement between abstraction ( internal art ) and representation ( external art ).



Member of  the Chamber of Fine Arts in Greece since 2011

Member of the Sonology Electroacoustic ensemble (directed by Richard Barrett) 2011-2013

Registerd at Stroom Den Haag  2013-2014

Member of DCR The Hague (Artists Studio Community ) 2013-2014

Registered in ISA Athens ( Medical Association of Athens ) since 2017 



2012 Collective Drones , PENINDAPLINENA gallery , Limassol (Cyprus)



2008 Group exhibition Orpheus Gallery, Limassol (Cyprus)

2009 Group Exhibition 50x50x50 Orpheus Gallery,Limassol (Cyprus )

2010 Sotiria Project (an exhibition in Sotiria Athens Hospital),Athens (Greece)

2010 A3 a photocopied exhibition , Athens School of Fine Arts ,Athens (Greece) 2010

Graduates 2009-2010 ,The factory, Athens School of Fine arts , Athens (Greece)

2011 Group Exhibition Gallery Toufexis ,Nicosia(Cyprus)

2011 1st Cheapart Limassol PENINDAPLINENA gallery, Limassol(Cyprus)

2011 Art Athina at PENINDAPLINENA gallery booth,Athens (Greece)

2011 Cheapart Thessaloniki ,Former CODRA camp (Greece)

2011 17th Cheapart Athens ,CAMP,(Greece)

2012 Slipping Signs, PENINDAPLINENA gallery Limassol(Cyprus)

2012 2nd Cheapart Limassol , PENINDAPLINENA gallery Limassol (Cyprus)

2012 1st Cheapart Amsterdam , LOODS6 ,Amsterdam (NL)

2013 3rd Cheapart Limassol , PENINDAPLINENA gallery, Limassol(Cyprus)

2013 Back to Athens , CAMP ,Slipping Signs Resurfaces with PENINDAPLINENA gallery ,Athens (Greece)

2013 Art Athina , Art Athina Contemporaries /Paradise Lost , curated by Artemis Potamianou , with PENINDAPLINENA gallery,Athens ,(GR)

2013 Graduates 2009-2010 , The factory,Athens School of Fine Arts ,Athens ,(Greece).

2014 Cheapart Limassol , Zacharias Gallery , Limassol (Cyprus )

2014 Europe :Our Common route , Huis van Europa , The Hague ( Netherlands )

2015 Dipola , curated by Eythimis Lazongas , Athens ( Greece )

2015 Exhibition of drawings in MENTAL HEALTH CONFERENCE , Divani Caravel Hotel , Athens GR 

2015 Little Paris of Athens , Curated by Lia Koutellieri , FINOS FILMS , Athens GR

2016 Art Brut/Outsider Art , An Idea By Dr Fotis Kagkellaris , Melina Merkouri Culture Centre ,Athens GR




2008 Selection and exhibition of artwork for the sixty years celebration of KEAN company (Cyprus)



1987 Distinction and award in the international Greek competition “Nea Talenta Fιlwnos” (Greece)

2007 Dinstiction at the Young Artists Awards / Brio Expressions , Silks Gallery (Cyprus)

2008 Dinstinction at the 5th Biennale of the Fine Arts students in Greece (Greece)


2011 2nd discussion concert(with Sonology Electroacoustic Ensemble,) Institute of Sonology, (Netherlands)

2012 4th discussion concert (with Sonology Electroacoustic Ensemble),Institute of Sonology,The Hague(Netherlands)

2012 5th discussion Concert (Frontal House) ,Institute of Sonology,The Hague(Netherlands)

2012 Duwo House of music (Solo Improvisation),The Hague (Netherlands)

2012 Ephemere Series (Solo Improvisation),Studio Loos , The Hague(Netherlands)

2012 2nd Discussion concert ,(quintet impro using graphic score) Institute of Sonology , The Hague, (Netherlands)

2012 3rd Discussion concert (41/415 I ,fixed media and visuals),Institute of Sonology, The Hague, (Netherlands)

2013 WONDERWERP (επτα(7) , performance),Studio Loos , The Hague (Netherlands)

2013 Final Exam Concert (41/415 III, performance ), Institute of Sonology , The Hague (Netherlands)

2013 41/415 I  Test Series , Nuitshuis Den Haag NL 

2014 12 Princes (An Event for J.Christou Epicycle ) , Wonderwerp , Studio Loos , The Hague , (Netherlands)




2009 Art in Amsterdam , Wackers Academie and received credits from Massachussets Art College of Art and Design ,Boston



2012 Cyprus Weekly Newspaper ,Cyprus

2012 Must magazine ,Cyprus

2012 Beautiful People magazine (eleytherotypia newspaper) , Cyprus

2012 Entexnos , RIK ,TV interview and presentation of Collective Drones Exhibition , Cyprus



Art Tutor at own Studio .

Worked as an art teacher assistant in Laniteo Lyceum in Limassol Cyprus as part of her training in Athens School of Fine Arts

Worked as an art teacher assistant in an Art workshop as part of her training in Athens School of Fine Arts

Workshop on Music and Art with concentration on the work of Jani Christou in A painting workshop in 

Athens School Of Fine Arts (2013)