Resident Psychiatrist /Artist


lives and works in athens greece 

The Function of music is to create soul,

by creating conditions for myth, the root of all soul. 

Where there is no soul,music creates it. 

Where there is soul, music sustains it.

Jani Christou

archetypal music may be looked upon as a data processor – a way of coding and decoding what exists inchoate in a space-time continuum, or the fourth dimension, which is the collective unconscious. The writer, like the data processor, transforms the sound waves leaping up from within his collective unconscious into words endowed with their own auditory, rhythmical, and sensory motifs. If music is archetypal for the author, it is manifested as a complex of opposites: it is both concrete and abstract, causal and acausal, linear and mythical, visual and audible, alive in an eternal present, the now, the future and an inherited past.

(Bettina Knapp, 1988)