this is a small piece i made using granular technigues with time and speed transformations 

in maxmsp.

please avoid laptop speakers for better preview - this sound contains low frequencies 


Collective Drones (2012)

41/415 (2013)

41/415 - 10' (2013)

2 channels - Fixed media with visuals

Maria Aristotelous




the media.the interface.the score.time


this piece evolves around the idea of time as a collective space,

a space united ambigously with the visual abstract dimension through a score.explorations of the duality of dynamics in the relationship: media - interface - score - drawing.






note: please use headphones or studio monitors for a better preview. avoid the use of laptop speakers cause the piece contains low frequencies.

note : the score/drawing was projected as a static image through the whole 10minute piece serving as a secong timeframe running independently from the sonic piece .the projection was turned off some seconds after the end of the music composition.The dronish beat underneath the events in the piece serves as a second time macro scale .Blendings and blurings of the boundaries between score and drawing , score , inteface and drawing. as of the boundaries between outcome (art object ) and music piece is what i had in my mind by making this piece.